Monday, 22 July 2013

Tuesday 23rd July 2013 Hindu Calendar

Panchangam for Hyderabad 
Shri Vijaya Samvatsara Ashada Masa Krishna/Bahula Paksham

Tuesday (Mangalvara)
Sunrise: 5.56 Sunset: 6.49

Tithi : Padyami till 8.09pm then Vidiya tithi
Nakshatra : Uttarashada till 6.02am
Sravanam till  3.21am (24th)

Varjyam :  9.35 to 11.00am
Durmuhurtam: 8.31 to 9.22am again 11.16pm to 12.01am(24th)
Amruthakala :  6.07 to 7.32pm
Priti yoga ends at 9.36pm
Balava Karana ends at 9.55am
Kaulava Karana ends at 8.09pm

Moon in Makara (Capricorn) rasi

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Monday 22nd July 2013 Hindu Calendar

Panchangam for Hyderabad 
Shri Vijaya Samvatsara Ashada Masa Shukla Paksham

Monday (Somavara)
Sunrise: 5.56 Sunset: 6.49

Tithi : Poornima till 11.45pm then Krishna Paksha Padyami tithi
Nakshatra : Poorvashada till 8.57am then Uttarashada star

Varjyam :  3.58 to 5.23pm
Durmuhurtam: 12.48 to 1.40pm again 3.23 to 4.14pm
Amruthakala :  12.25 to 1.49am (23rd)
Vishkambha yoga ends at 1.38am (23rd)
Bhadra/Vishti Karana ends at 1.38pm
Bava Karana ends at 11.45pm

Moon enters in Makara (Capricorn) rasi at 2.13pm
Significance of the day : Guru Poornima or Vyasa Poornima

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013 Hindu Calendar

Panchangam for Hyderabad 
Shri Vijaya Samvatsara Ashada Masa Shukla Paksham

Sunday (Ravivara)
Sunrise: 5.56 Sunset: 6.49

Tithi : Trayodasi till 7.16am then 
Chaturdasi till 3.32am (22nd) after that Poornima tithi will begin
Nakshatra : Moola till 11.52am then Poorvashada star

Varjyam :  10.28 to 11.52am again 8.18 to 9.42pm
Durmuhurtam: 5.06 to 5.58pm
Amruthakala :  6.13 to 7.38am again 4.44 to 6.08am (early hours of 22nd)

Indra yoga ends at 7.16am 
Vaidhriti yoga ends at 5.48am (early hours of 22nd)
Taitula Karana ends at 7.16am
Garaji Karana ends at 5.25pm
Vanija Karana ends at 3.32am (22nd)

Moon in Dhanassu (Sagittarius ) rasi

Friday, 19 July 2013

Saturday 20th July 2013 Hindu Calendar

Panchangam for Hyderabad 
Shri Vijaya Samvatsara Ashada Masa Shukla Paksham

Saturday (Sanivara)
Sunrise: 5.55 Sunset: 6.49

Tithi : Dwadasi till 10.49am then Trayodasi tithi
Nakshatra : Jyeshta till 2.38pm then Moola star

Varjyam :  9.43 to 11.08pm
Durmuhurtam: 5.55 to 7.39am
Amruthakala :  6.44 to 8.10am

Brahma yoga ends at 1.59pm
Balava Karana ends at 10.49am
Kaulava Karana ends at 9.05pm

Moon enters in Dhanassu (Sagittarius ) rasi at 2.38pm
Significance of the day : Sani Trayodasi Pradosham

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Friday 19th July 2013 Hindu Calendar

Panchangam for Hyderabad 
Shri Vijaya Samvatsara Ashada Masa Shukla Paksham

Friday (Shukravara)
Sunrise: 5.55 Sunset: 6.50

Tithi : Ekadasi till 2.00pm then Dwadasi tithi
Nakshatra : Anuradha till 5.05pm then Jyeshta star

Varjyam :  10.06 to 11.33pm
Durmuhurtam: 8.30 to 9.22am again 12.48 to 1.40pm
Amruthakala :  7.32 to 9.00am

Shukla yoga ends at 5.43pm
Bhadra (Vishti) Karana ends at 2.00pm
BavaKarana ends at 12.28am (20th)

Moon in Vruschika (Scorpio) rasi
Significance of the day : Devshayani (Toli) Ekadasi

Thursday 18th July 2013 Hindu Calendar

Panchangam for Hyderabad 
Shri Vijaya Samvatsara Ashada Masa Shukla Paksham

Thursday (Guruvara)
Sunrise: 5.55 Sunset: 6.50

Tithi : Dashami till 4.43pm then Ekadasi tithi
Nakshatra : Visakha till 7.02pm then Anuradha star

Varjyam :  10.43pm to 12.11am
Durmuhurtam: 10.13 to 11.05am again 3.23 to 4.15pm
Amruthakala :  10.45 to 12.15am

Shubha yoga ends at 9.04pm
Garaji Karana ends at 4.43am
Vanija Karana ends at 3.26am (early hours of 19th)

Moon enters in Vruschika (Scorpio) rasi at 1.23pm

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wednesday 17th July 2013 Hindu Calendar

Panchangam for Hyderabad 
Shri Vijaya Samvatsara Ashada Masa Shukla Paksham

Wednesday (Budhavaram)
Sunrise: 5.54 Sunset: 6.50

Tithi : Navami till 6.50pm then Dasami tithi
Nakshatra : Swathi till 8.26pm then Visakha star

Varjyam :  1.42 to 3.13am (early hours of 18th)
Durmuhurtam: 11.56am to 12.48 noon
Amruthakala :  11.54am to 1.27pm

Sadhya yoga ends at 11.57pm
Balava Karana ends at 7.39am
Kaulava Karana ends at 6.50pm

Moon in Tula (Libra) rasi
Significance of the day : Dakshinayana (Karkataka) Sankranti

Astrological Forecast for 2nd Fortnight of July 2013

Aries (Mesha) : Your financial position will be increased. Some family disturbances might be in 2nd week. You are going to be participate in spiritual programs. Health will be ok. Long journeys will be fruitful. You will spend some money to arrange events at your home. Don't give up any works being afraid of. Avoid major activities on 18th from 1.23pm to 20th 2.38pm.

Taurus (Vrishaba) : You will get the expected results in your works. short travels will be fruitful. There are chances to get financial gain. Health issues of family members might be disturb you. You will spend some time with Organizations and Charity works. Don't take up new ventures or major activities on 20th from 2.38pm to 22nd 2.13pm.

Gemini (Mithuna) : Look at your unnecessary expenditures. Increment in contacts with your siblings will satisfy you. You will enjoy delicious food. Businessmen should wait for some time to avoid risks. You will enjoy good health. This is good time for students. Take care while talking with others and be aware on 22nd from 2.13pm to 24th 2.12pm.

Cancer (Karkataka) : You will satisfy financially and with workplace also. You will get success through communication skills. Take care of your mothers health. Students should improve interest in studies. Don't to go for any plans with confusion. You need not worry about it. Try to avoid major decisions, travels and take care about your health especially on 24th from 2.12pm to 26th 4.36pm.

Leo (Simha) : You will be participate very active in some arts. But try to avoid arguments with relatives. Take care about your health. 1st week will be hectic. You will have the ability to improve your mental courage. You will get good career prospects. Avoid major arguments and activities on 26th from 4.36pm, 27th and 28th.

Virgo (Kanya) : There is some necessity to keep an eye on your expenditure but gates are open to acquire money sufficiently. Change of place is possibility. There are chances to buy new vehicles. You will get loans for develop your business. While talking to others and don't take up new major activities on 28th, 29th, 30th and to 31st morning 9.30am.

Libra (Tula) : You might be get some profitable proposals. But need to taken care of. You might fall sick. You will improve relations with business partners. Children education will be go on smoothly. You may be feel tired because of sleeplessness. Some of you will change your residence. Avoid discussions or travels on 31st of July.

Scorpio (Vrishchika) : Work hard and you will get success. Possibilities of short travels will be there. You will be come out of negative thoughts. You will enjoy quality time with your spouse and children. You will be relieved from setbacks. You will be able to repay loans but you might have more expenditure in 1st week.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) :  You will be happy with your most awaited wish fulfillment. Avoid conflicts with near and dear ones. You might be happy with increased emoluments. Severe diseases will be in the way of go down. Maintain accounts carefully. Enemies try to degrade your name and fame, so be careful while talking and don't behave harshly with others.

Capricorn (Makara) : You will get support from your friends and relatives. You may get relief Financially. Your business efforts will be fruitful. In 2nd week health related issues will affect your work. Avoid sureties for others. Your enemies will be surrendered. Marriage proposals will materialize. Students will shine.Children will be helpful to you.

Aquarius (Kumbha) : Your desired work will be done in the 2nd week. You will be able to handle high expenses with enough income. Beware of enemies. Take care of your feet. It might be trouble you. Some of you will buy ornaments. You might have get new customers in your business.Misunderstandings in relations will be disappeared.

Pisces (Meena) : There will be blissful atmosphere with relatives being together. Financial stability in 2nd week. Be careful during travel. Enemies might be try to trouble you. Avoid Speculation. Medical expenditure will be down. You will get support from higher authorities. Don't take any decisions or major activities on 16th from morning 9.13 to 18th 1.23pm.

Note: All this predictions are general forecast based on Moon sign and takes major planetary transits. These are not personalized predictions, just indicative only. Predictions are differentiate also with other unique aspects of individual birth chart.