Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Purnima Dates - Full Moon Dates 2014

Poornima is a lunar day. When Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart each other, it is called Purnima tithi. It is very auspious to perform or conduct any new works. Full moon day is known as Pournami or Pournima in South India. As well as Poornima or Purnima in North India. Poornima vrat and fasting from sunrise to sunset, until look up the moon is observed on this day. Each Purnima has its prominent role in Hindu Calendar. Usually Lord Satyanarayana worship and fasting also takes place on Pournami day. Here are the Poornima Dates for the year 2014 with starting and ending time of the Tithi.   

Pournami Days in 2014

  • January 16th Thursday - Paush Purnima from 15th January 7.51am to 10.22am on 16th January
  • February 14th Friday - Magha Purnima from 3.10am on 14th January to 5.23am on 15th January
  • March 16th Sunday - Phalguna Purnima from 15th January 9.20pm to January 16th 10.38pm
  • April 15th Tuesday - Chaitra Purnima from 14th April 1.13pm to 15th April 1.12pm
  • May 14th Wednesday - Vaishakha Purnima from 14th May 2.15am to 15th May 12.46am
  • June 13th Friday - Jyeshta Purnima from 12th June 12.28pm to 13th June 9.41am 
  • July 12th Saturday - Ashadha Purnima from 11th July 8.33pm to 12th July 4.55pm
  • August 10th Sunday - Sravana Purnima from 3.36am to 11.39pm on 10th August
  • September 9th Tuesday - Bhadrapada Purnima from 8th September 10.48am to 7.08am on 9th September
  • October 8th Wednesday - Aswija Purnima from 7th October 7.13pm to 8th October 4.20pm 
  • November 6th Thursday - Kartika Purnima from 5th November 5.36am to 7th November 3.53am
  • December 6th Saturday - Margasira Purnima from 5th December 6.18pm to 6th December 5.57pm

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